Movi-Clubes teams in the Municipalities of Jinotega and Yalí are made up by professional male and female social workers. The Movi-Clubes act directly with children and adolescents in schools, markets, neighborhoods and garbage dumps. The aim is that children and adolescents strengthen their abilities of analysis and reflection on the status of their rights so they can themselves demand their fulfilment. Therefore, they are trained and informed about the tools and techniques for the defense of their rights, using the “popular education-method” and the methodology of “Paso atrás” (“Step backwards”).

The Movi-Clubes offer various spaces where activities are carried out. These include recreational activities, games and social-cultural activities, in order to reflect and share knowledge and experiences.

Likewise, we train families, civil servants and social  actors; the program informs and raises awareness in order to influence positives changes in attitude regarding the rights of children and adolescents.


In Jinotega and Yalí, there are male and female experts in charge of actions run to identify, inform and provide therapy to children and adolescents in situations of sexual abuse, child labor exploitation and/or addictions. Also, they work with these children´s families, or report specific cases to the institutional authorities. 

What’s more, they run activities in different neighborhoods in order to visualize and activate factors that provide protection.


In the communication area, children and adolescents develop their abilities in order to exercise their right to participation through social communication. They learn how to make news, reports, spots among others for radio, television and social media. They themselves decide on the subjects they want to discuss. After deciding on the subject, they make interviews, reports and video recordings. Also, they are in charge of all technical editions. They broadcast their productions on the program named “Hablando de la niñez” (“Talking about childhood”) at a radio station named Radio Estéreo Libre and “TV Chavalos” (“TV Young Guys”) on a local TV Station.

Children learn with the “Peer to Peer” method, that is, children train other children.


Radio Estéreo Libre is the Associacion’s tool to carry out permanent, educative and awareness-raising campaigns of communication. Since its beginning, the radio station has a social approach, a participative character and it promotes the human rights, especially the in respect to rights of women, children and adolescents, as well as fairness and social justice.

The radio station does not only inform and entertain but also educate. Besides, children and adolescents from Jinotega have a permanent space in order to spread their messages and talk to the community through its radio programs.

They also promote the Jinotega citizen`s talents by performing an annual Event called “Festival por la NO Violencia” (Festival against violence) of Radio Estéreo Libre.


The aims of the Monitoring, Information and Systematization team are: managing the processes of compiling information, both the one produced in the organizational practice and the one obtained on a national or international level. Arranging the monitoring and follow-up mechanisms and tools of the organization. Besides, the team is responsible for the extern communication. Furthermore, the area is supporting the executive committee of the organization in the formulation of project proposals in order to gain funds.


Funds from the different donor organizations and other incomes are arranged in the administrative area and the implementation of different projects is facilitated along with the planned part. Besides this, human resources, assets and inventory control are managed.


Diana González

Executive Director:

(505) 2782-3435 Central Office
(505) 2785-3045 Yalí
(505) 2782-2052 Radio Estéreo Libre
From Rossy Shop half block west (Central Office)
Jinotega, Nicaragua

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