As any non-profit organization, it is necessary to cover daily expenses which are not covered by the projects. That’s why you, families, friends and others can collaborate with us by means of a voluntary donation, just once or even a monthly contribution of $5.00 or any amount you wish to, depositing it on our banking account or our PayPal account.

Bank Central America
Children Association of Working Children of
N°: 354225062

You can contact us to:
(+505) 2782 3435

As a Volunteer

For us, the contribution you can give as a person based on your competence, experience and availability plays an important role, since it lets us strengthen our impact in the fullfilment of the children and adolescents´ right. Also, collaborating us will let you nurture yourself as a professional person, an experience you will never forget.

Share What We Do

We love to positively infect people with a thought of respect to children and adolescents and we know that if you have got until here, we have succeeded with you. That’s why we are inviting you to share our information in your social networks so that more people can be part of this movement for a better present and future of children and adolescents and for everyone.

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Respec and Promote the rights of Children and Adolesents


Diana González

Executive Director:
Skype: lydia.palacios.chiong

(505) 2782-3435 Central Office
(505) 2785-3045 Yalí
(505) 2782-2052 Radio Estéreo Libre
From Rossy Shop half block west (Central Office)
Jinotega, Nicaragua

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