We are a local organization form Jinotega, Nicaragua. We work with children and adolescents, especially with those who live in precarious situations. We promote the fulfillment of the human rights.  We believe in participation, self-organization and the key role of the children and adolescents in order to make this world a better place.



Children and adolescents achieve changes in the family, school and the community.

Situations of Vulnerability

Children and adolescents have the capacity of coming through situations of violence and child labor exploitation.


Adults are changing their attitudes regarding the respect to children and adolescents as individuals with their own rights.

Our Proficiency

News seen through the eyes of children and adolescents

What people say about us

"Tuktan Sirpi has work methods which truly believe in people, in the capacities of children and adolescents, this is fascinating. Also, they show the capacities which each and every one of us have, and this is important, not only for people who do social work, but for everybody  working in this country."

Fernanda Soto

Head of arts and communication department at the Universidad Centroamericana Nicaragua (UCA)

“As an organization, we value the experience that Tuktan Sirpi has developed with the girls, boys and adolescents and even more so when you can see the abilities and skills which children have as well as the way they can put a lot of subjects concerning  childhood up for discussions, and that has impressed me.”

Mauricio Castillo
Chief Executive of Educo Nicaragua


Diana González

Executive Director:

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