We dream of a world in which the rights of children and adolescents are respected, in which they are protagonists of their own development and have a chance to contribute to social transformation. Moreover, we dream of a world in which children and adolescents live in a society where adults respect their rights.


We will achieve this by guiding children and adolescents through active participation within their social spheres, and developing specialized care for to those who are at risk. Based on our professional experience, we offer trainings and support to officials and organizations, while promoting adult responsibility to respect the children’s rights and put them into practice.


Diana González

Executive Director:

(505) 2782-3435 Central Office
(505) 2785-3045 Yalí
(505) 2782-2052 Radio Estéreo Libre
From Rossy Shop half block west (Central Office)
Jinotega, Nicaragua

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