Socio-educational intervention in the field  of child labor
We have been working with children and adolescents who work on the streets, markets and garbage dumps since over 20 years, offering alternatives for the development of their abilities and the defense of their rights.

We have developed a model to respond to the worst forms of child labor by creating small businesses. Children and adolescents who work in the garbage dumps in the city of Jinotega, go through the processes of the development of cognitive, emotional and social abilities and thus develop business strategy for the managing of recycling materials.

Model of Child Participation: Method “Paso Atrás” (“step backwards”)
We have been working with children and adolescents for over 20 years, promoting the development of their abilities for the promotion and the defense of their rights.

The method is based on three elements: Our own experience in the promotion of child participation,  the “stages of the ability development” and the Roger Hart´s Ladder. The latter is a model of promotion and measurement of child participation. We have called this model  Paso Atrás” (“step backwards”) which it is not more than just believing in the children and adolescents´ abilities and therefore, giving spaces of participation by “stepping backwards” so children and adolescende can develop their abilities.

Learning through playing
Playing is an effective tool in the learning process and our organization has developed a lot of work experience in this aspect. Not only with children and adolescents, but also with adults, creating, reinventing and adapting different games and songs in order to reflect on the subjects of rights, promoting the finding of solutions to the situations they live in or simply making the formal learning process easier.


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