Name of the Project:
Children and teenager in exercising citizenship.


Where it takes place:
Municipality of Jinotega and San Sebastián de Yalí, district of Jinotega, Nicaragua

From January 2015 to December 2017.

Target group :
3,500 children and adolescents and 1,000 adults .

Funded by:
Terre des hommes Switzerland

Aim of the project:
Children and adolescents are actively involved in matters that concern them and their family, social and community life.

Expected results:
1.    Children and adolescents have developed their self-esteem and identity
2.    Children and adolescents have skills and abilities to benefit of laboral, educational and cultural opportunities.
3.    Children and adolescents are promoting their political and social rights in  family, community and municipality.
4.    Adults take into consideration the ideas and proposals of children and adolescents when taking decisions that affect them.
5.    Adults believe in the abilities of children and adolescents to make their own decisions.



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