This project aims to empower boys, girls, adolescents and adults in communities where there is a risk of commercial sexual exploitation, enabling them to identify and prevent riskful situations and most of all to report them.

In order to reach this goal, the project it is oriented around three specific objectives: The first is that boys, girls and adolescents are recognized as social subjects with their own rights; the second is that the target group recognizes sexuality as a human right based in equality and respect for human integrity. The third objective is that the population in the territories at risk report cases of commercial sexual exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents.

The project is part of the second phase of the Program for the Rights and Comprehensive Development of Children and Adolescents in Nicaragua (el Programa de Derechos y desarollo integral de la Niñez y Adolescencia en Nicaragua) - DEDENAN II - a program which is financed by Svalorna Latinamerika from Sweden, who in turn are financed by Forum Syd, also a Swedish organization. The program operates during a five year period between 2013 and 2017.


This project is in its second phase and is assumes a human rights perspective from the point of view of boys, girls and adolescents. The idea is that the children and adolescents support adults in order to create green communities- communtities where means of protecting the environment and risk assessment in families, schools and communities is promoted and applied. This is carried out in a way that includes both children, adolescents and adults who all work together, benefitting from an exchange of knowledge between generations which guarantees the sustainability of the task to promote the well-being of both existing and future generations.

The main objective of the project is that boys, girls, adolescents and adults, local organizations, key actors (mothers, fathers, teachers) and civil servants in the 24 communities of Jinotega and Madriz come together to create ”green communities”, focusing on the rights of children and adolescents and in the promotion of their ecological rights and risk management in environmentally sensitive areas in Jinotega and Somoto/Madriz. 

In addition to the main objectives, the project also aims to first of all promote good practices in caring for the environment among boys, girls and adolescents in the communities of Jinotega and Somoto. Secondly, the project will encourage that local organizations and main actors assume responsibility in green communities and in protected and environmentally sensitive areas. Finally, the project works for the promotion, visibilization and impact of the ecological rights of boys, girls and adolescents through national networks promoting children’s rights and protection of the environment.

The project duration is 3 years, a period between 2016 and 2018, and it is carried out in cooperation with the organizations la Cuculmeca from Jinotega, INPHRU from Somoto and MOVITEP. It is financed by Terre des Hommes Germany (TDHA) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


This project consists of motivating girls, boys and adolescents to exercise their citizenship in different contexts, going further than the citizenship that is traditionally promoted by law and considering that they can participate in many contexts according to their abilities. The children have the capacity of contributing to and generating change in their families, schools, communities and departments.

The main objective of this project is that ”girls, boys and adolescents participate actively in questions concerning their families, their social life and their community”. The target group of the project is formed by girls, boys and adolescents and by the adults that interact with them in different ways.

In order to fulfil the main objective of the project, processes are carried out where girls, boys and adolescents develop their abilities and capacities in contexts such as education, culture, work and social communication. Furtermore, the activites aim to encourage children and adolescents to promote respect for their rights and at the same time take action to make adults recognize them as social subjects with their own rights, believing in their capacities and taking them into account when making decisions. 

This project duration is 3 years, between 2015 and 2017, and it is financied by Terre des Hommes Switzerland.


Evaluating the participation of boys, girls and adolescents, we noted that there was a group of children who were already at an advanced stage of participation (strengthened or consolidated). Because of this we decided to engage this group in sharing their knowledge on participation with other boys, girls and adolescents.

This project aims to capitalize on and make use of to the children’s and adolescents´ own experiences of participation and protagonism. Children who form part of organized structures through which they have been empowered, who do not only analyze the situation of their own rights, but make suggestions of improvement to the authorities based on the Municipal Agenda for childhood and adolescence (Agenda Municipal de la Niñez y Adolescencia) through different means of communication. Because of this, the objective of the project states that ”boys, girls and adolescents empowered by their right to participation have strenghtened their capacity of organizing themselves and making an impact in decision making in their municipality, community and school”

This will be achieved by seeking results such as: boys, girls and adolescents in Jinotega develop their protagonistic skills (as NNAC, CENA and Rights´ Monitors) and contribute to the transfer of knowledge in the process of empowering other boys, girls and adolescents who, in turn, develop experience in processes of social organization and impact, acquiring knowledge and developing capacities to assess their situation. They suggest solutions and demand the fulfilment of their rights through different means of communication and other in contexts where it is possible to share experiences, raising awareness among adults about the importance of respecting and recognizing children’s rights.

The duration of the project is 3 years, between 2015 and 2017, and it is financed by Iniciativa Cristiana Romero (ICR) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation for Development (BMZ)


Our organization has accompanied children and adolescents in the development of their abilities of participating through means of communication since 1995. In 2013, the children communicators became interested in sharing their knowledge and abilities on the subject with other children and adolescents in other communities and territories. Thus, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the organism Spanish, Education and Cooperation (EDUCO) in terms of financing an initiative, we presented the idea of children communicators sharing their knowledge with other children and adolescents in rural communities.

This project focuses on children´s participation through media so that ”boys, girls and adolescents participate in demanding the compliance of their rights through a social communication strategy in the municipalities of Jinotega and San Sebastian de Yalí.” This will be realized through the children communicators, who already have extensive knowledge and experience as social communicators, sharing their knowledge with other boys, girls and adolescents.

This project aims to strenghten the protagonic participation of boys, girls and adolescents from 3 urban and rural communities in the municipality of Jinotega (Jinotega, Pueblo Nuevo and Datanlí) and one in San Sebastian de Yalí. Through education on civil rights and development of technical skills in social communication, in order to enable use of different forms of media (radio, television and social media) with the purpose of getting to know the problems of their communities, making suggestions for possible solutions, raising awareness of and demanding the fulfilment of their rights.

The duration of the project is 3 years, starting in September 2015 and finishing in September 2018. The program is funded by EDUCO and the municipalities of San Cugat and Sabadell from Barcelona, Spain.


This project is directed towards promoting the participation of boys, girls and adolescents in the municipality through formulation, development and evaluation of municipial agendas with suggestions from the children themselves, providing input and explaining their needs in plans and projects in their community.

The project forms part of a binational program which is carried out in Nicaragua and Bolivia. The main objective is that ”boys and girls who are socially vulnerable in Nicaragua and Bolivia have opportunities to develop as active citizens who together can defend their rights, present their demands and participate in the development of a more democratic, just and sustainable society”. Our organization especially works with one of the components of the program which is ”empowerment, democratic participation and organization of boys, girls and adolescents” and how they promote and demand their human rights.

The aim will be achieved through establishing interest groups where ”the girls, boys and adolescents receive quality education without violence and develop their confidence and social abilities in order to be able to have a say in their own lives and participate in society”, that ”key actors, young adults, adults and partner organizations are strengthened so that they can generate change in the situation of boys, girls and adolescents, support their right to education, participation and inclusion; and also that the partner organisations contribute to that public institutions as well as NGO:s include models and methods developed together with boys, girls and adolescents in their action plans”

This project has a duration period of 3 years and is financed by the organization Solidaridad Internacional Infantil (SII) from Denmark.


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