Who we are

Children's Association "Tuktan Sirpi" originated in 1994, when the Social Mobilization Foundation founded the "Kids Club Girls / Boy Workers Project".

Its aim was to help improve the lives of children and adolescents in the city of Jinotega, especially those coming from slums, providing opportunities for integral education to over 450 children and adolescents working to survive and to help their families.

One year later, in the municipality of Yali, a project arose called Adolescents Club, which had similar characteristics to the project in Jinotega, but was more directed to recreation and job training for adolescents.

Main stages of development of the organization

Since the initial years, the association has grown in quality and professionalism concerning our work with children and adolescents. So have the number of services and actions we undertook.

The following outlines the key stages of development for our organization:

In 1996 we became independent from the Social Mobilization Foundation, because the foundation was not complying with the agreements referred to in the initial project. Furthermore, our commitment was extending beyond this organization. Thus, on September 30, 1996, we founded the Children's Association "Tuktan Sirpi" as a non-profit organization. Tuktan Sirpi means "little boy" in Miskito, the language of the Indians in Nicaragua. However, although much time has passed, the population continues to identify us as Kids Club in Jinotega and Club NATRAS (in Yalí).

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